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Custom build

The answer is: "YES", what is your question?

Merlin designs, develops and manufactures its own products. On these pages you will find a small summary of recent developed solutions. Some are invented by Merlin, but more often the ultimate customer / user is the one who comes with the idea.

If, after looking around on our website or on the websites of our competing colleagues, you feel that no single product does exactly what you have in mind, we would like to discuss your requirements and freely explore the possibilities. In this session we will take your goals and wishes as a starting point and we will involve the right in-house experts to get a quick estimate of opportunities, lead times and prices. 

Merlin is. in deviation from many others, an independent manufacturer and not a sales office of a particular brand. In our office at Maarssen (near Amsterdam) you will find all the subjects: 3D engineering, product design and design, software development, system integration and even assembly! Even after delivery and installation, Merlin is your partner for keeping your systems in top condition.  

If your interest arises, we would like to welcome you in Maarssen for a demonstration or informative conversation. We may also provide you with references that already make use of our products  


Payment Kiosk


In a very close cooperation with G4S, Merlin developed a bill payment kiosk. The first application was a government project allowing the users to pay outstanding fines at policestations and airports. The payments are instantly processed. Next to this the policeofficials can use the system for the registration of new fines and the cash settling of these new fines.

CJIB tvu open LR

The unit is equipped with a Wifi Pinpad (pin and NFC), two banknotes readers, banknotedispensers, coin payment and dispensing, 4G modem, RFID tagreader, 2D barcode reader and kiosk printer.  




PIN change machine


The PIN-exchange machine was introduced late 2016 for the gaming / arcade customers. The unit is able to take banknotes and EFT payments (Pin + NFC) and dispenses notes and coins (10.000 of 2 euro). The unit can be used to break large notes into smaller notes; notes to coins or withdraw from your account. It offers customizable TFT touchscreen, RFID tagreader, kiosk printer.

The ID checker

ID checkerOur first project in 2013 was the development of an idchecker (age verifier) in close cooperation with the Dutch supermarkets. The id-checker enables the user to swipe a card (passport, id card, drivers’ license or other) and gives instant feedback. The idchecker issues a red, yellow or green led sign + audiosignal to indicate the age. It can be set for all ages and all documents.


age scan 2016 merIDBased on the id checker, the idv2 was developed. This unit is installed on a vending machine and enables the checking of a card (can be id, passport or drivers license, but also a loyalty or staff card) to allow access to the machine, based on programmed rules (age, membership, etc). 



Bus driver deposit machine


For the public transport, we developed a machine to allow chauffeurs to deposit daily takings and buy new booklets with tickets (this is an optional addon). The machine offers coin and notedeposit using a cloudbased setup of the machine. The machine comes with a 15inch tft touch, printer, rfid reader and full functioning monitoring system with backoffice functions and reporting.


pand maarssen

Merlin is growing rapidly! Want to work on products that you will soon encounter anywhere? Come join our top team and look at our Vacancies page.

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