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Banknote counter

Counting and testing Banknotes!

For sorted or unsorted banknotes, Merlin has a complete range of products! Counting with detection or sorting, and facing of notes; everything is possible!

What do you think of the I-Sniper moneycounter. The I-Sniper is a value mixed counter with the most advanced counterfeit detection, which only stops counting on suspect notes and not more when there are cracks, or tape on a banknote. For all of our products you can choose the possibility to conclude a service contract.

In addition to choosing a new cash counting machine, you can also choose a used cash machine or perhaps a demo counting machine. Regularly, we have a variety of used counting machines, which we can deliver directly at competitive prices, so please ask for our advice on what is your best choice.

€ 195,00 Merlin C005
Cheap but robust ticket counter

€ 429,00 BC 131 SD
Reliable piece counter with SD card update!

€ 595,00 FC-2
Counter for intensive users

€ 569,00 BC 141 SD
Quick and innovative piece counter

€ 789,00 BC 241 SD
Innovative value counter with easy updating

€ 1.095,00 TN-10
Efficient and easy to use value counter

€ 1.250,00 I-Sniper
Value counter with the most advanced counterfeit detection

€ 2.150,00 BC 280 SD
Innovative 2-pocket value counter

€ 2.995,00 i-Hunter iH-101
Reliable 2-pocket value counter

€ 2.995,00 ST-150
Fitness sorting machine with detection

€ 5.995,00 Jetscan 4191
Top quality 2 pocket sorting machine

Price on request iFXi400
The absolute top in the area of (fitness) sorting and counting

€ 249,00 Citizen Thermal printer
Thermal printer for NC1200 and many other products

€ 299,00 T630
Thermal printer for nc1100 / nc1300T and many other products

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The MERLIN ID CHECKER: The replacement for the age-coin. The ID checker checks in a fraction of a second if someone is old enough to buy cigarettes or liquor.


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